Transforming Supply Chain Finance
Automating Supply Chain Transparency
Working for a Sustainable Future
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Halotrade. A solution for sustainable, transparent supply chains

Environmental Degradation. Employment Malpractice.

Companies with complex, worldwide supply chains are at constant risk of a scandal affecting their brand. Why? Because buyers cannot verify and influence everything in their supply chain. And sellers are not always incentivised to follow sustainable and ethical business practices.

Halotrade works with legacy and new technology solutions to link the supply chain from end to end. This allows Halotrade to track shipments from means of production to destination. Halotrade uses this information to offer attractive financing to suppliers in return for sustainable and ethical business practices.

Halotrade brings benefits across the supply chain

Ethical products without a premium price tag
A robust mechanism to derisk trade finance
Brands & Retailers
A transparent, more equitable and resilient supply chain
Lower-cost working capital to incentivise sustainability efforts
Better data brings empowerment and better practices earn rewards
Shona Tatchell

FAQ with Founder Shona Tatchell

Tatchell was Head of Trade Finance Innovation for Barclays Bank with a 25+ year career in global trade finance in a number of financial institutions when, in 2015, she conceived the idea for Halotrade. Tatchell's vision was to transform the supply chain, using blockchain technology and invoice financing to create a sound financial incentive for every player to abide by international industry standards leading to sustainable production and consumption across the global supply system.

Halotrade in the News

Piloting the Solution

Halotrade is currently running a pilot in partnership with a consortium including banks, multinational corporations and fintech companies. The pilot is to track tea produced by farmers in Malawi.