Transforming Supply Chain Finance
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Automating Supply Chain Transparency
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Working for a Sustainable Future
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Our Mission: Finance for Sustainability

The climate emergency is the most significant threat to the long term stability of our global economic system. Without major intervention the costs will become unbearable for people, governments and corporations across the entire world.

These impacts will strike hardest at the world’s complex and fragile supply chains. Across numerous sectors of the global economy, environmental damage will severely reduce production output, inhibiting the ability of corporations to supply the demand of consumers. In many cases vital supply chains will be at risk of total collapse – most worryingly in food production. The catastrophic consequences of this could completely destroy the most basic securities of quality of life for billions of people around the globe, eradicating almost all of the development gains that have been made since human industrialisation.

And all as a result of one fundamental flaw in humanity’s approach to industrialisation. A total disregard for sustainability. Stability can only be built on a foundation of sustainability. Anything else is not built to last.

If this crisis is to be averted or mitigated in any way, it can only be achieved by rebuilding the basis on which supply chains operate. And Halotrade is currently building a solution to make this process easier for all parties involved in keeping the world supplied with its vital produce.

Our solution offers corporates and financiers a platform with sustainability at its core. A system which helps correct the deep information failures of global trade that prevent companies from fully reducing their environmental damage. A toolset that enables buyers and financiers to automatically incentivise and reward sustainable production practices. And a supply chain operating system that will drastically reduce the overheads of trade.

By introducing new and rich data channels into every tier of a supply chain, and combining them with secure and powerful transfer and storage protocols, Halotrade enables its users to take transparency to a whole new level. Our system can be leveraged to make trade faster, safer and cleaner. And at a systemic level, it provides the global supply network an important tool to help make the transition it must toward a sustainable and stable ecosystem.

The Benefits

Shona Tatchell

FAQ with Founder Shona Tatchell

Shona was Head of Trade Finance Innovation for Barclays Bank with a 25+ year career in global trade finance in a number of financial institutions when, in 2015, she conceived the idea for Halotrade. Her vision was to transform supply chains using blockchain and trade finance by creating a system of incentives and rewards for every player to abide by international industry standards of sustainable production across the global supply system.

Halotrade in the News

Piloting the Solution

Halotrade successfully piloted the first iteration of the system in Project Trado, in partnership with a consortium of banks, multinational corporations and fintech companies.