The Technology

A Platform for Supply Chain Integration and Sustainability Governance

Create automated incentive and reward structures to improve sustainability

Halotrade is building a platform that provides corporates and financiers with a suite of governance tools for improving the efficiency of their trade, finance and impact.

Our system allows users to bring together all of the data they need to seamlessly operate their supply chain to the standards of sustainability required to ensure stable and lasting production. From the batch-level up, the platform can systemise and automate all aspects of trade, finance and certification.

Trade & Finance

Halotrade supports the creation and management of supply chains as a whole, offering users the ability to establish multi-party contracts and automate everything from the generation, issuance, receipt, matching and approval of all required trade documents to the provision of multi-tier supply chain finance. These functions are secured with robust data transfer and storage protocols. These powerful tools can be leveraged on their own to significantly reduce supply chain overheads, or can be combined with a number of external data sources through our API.


As a result of integrating supply chain data from multiple tiers, this transparency offers an unprecedented medium for building rich traceability of product origins and production impact. Our certification tools allow users to introduce new information into their supply chains, such as sustainability data. Certification bodies and auditors can use the platform to map this data onto suppliers and their products, creating an unprecedented depth of quality and impact visibility further up the supply chain.


Combining all of this data together with the various operations occurring within the Halotrade system, users are offered yet another powerful tool at their disposal. This is the ability to create automated incentive and reward structures to encourage and accelerate the supply chain behaviour that corporates need in order to improve the sustainability and stability of their supply chains over the long term. Buyers and financiers can make use of multi-tier contracts and financing facilities to offer preferential discounting rates to suppliers on the basis of fully customisable scoring functions, allowing them to set objectives and targets to be achieved over different timeframes.

The tools made available to supply chain actors through the Halotrade platform are unprecedented and unrivalled, and as the systemic threats facing the global supply network deepen, are becoming increasingly necessary.

Our platform is continually under improvement and development. We are always looking for interested parties to partner with, and if you want to make use of our product please do not hesitate to contact us.