The Technology

A Platform for Supply Chain Integration and Sustainability Governance

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Drive your ESG strategy with the power of finance

Halotrade offers a suite of intelligent supply chain governance tools allowing corporates to drive their ESG strategy with the power of finance.

The Halo solution allows customers to use ESG data to make their finance smarter, improving ethical and sustainable production standards in their upstream suppliers.


Smart Finance

Halo provides a unique toolset for leveraging the benefits of finance to incentivise and reward the ethical and sustainability behaviour of your suppliers. This gives corporates operating in competitive markets new ways to empower their ESG strategy without introducing new costs into their supply chain. Halo allows corporates to move beyond greenwash without jeopardising their commerciality.


Smart Governance

Halo gives ESG teams the controls they need to meet their obligations to regulators and consumers across their supply chains. Our solution allows them to put ESG data to use, operationalising into a strategy that can be deployed and managed at scale. Corporates can enjoy a wider range of options to address supplier ESG risk with continuous corrective action to reduce the disruption of supply chain reorientation.


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