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White Paper: Blockchain & DLT In Trade – A-Reality-Check

November 2019

In this ICC-endorsed Trade Finance Global/WTO white paper Halotrade and Trado are highlighted as examples of successful supply chain initiatives leveraging DLT to enhance transparency of the supply chain and ease access to financing, with a particular focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

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Global Trade Review Sept

Consortium releases technology-enabled sustainable supply chain finance model

Global Trade Review | 17 September 2019

A consortium of international banks, corporates, fintech startups, an NGO and a research institution has released a new model for blockchain-enabled sustainable supply chain finance, called Trado.

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Finextra news articleBanks back pilot bidding to unlock finance for sustainability in supply chains


Finextra | 17 September 2019

Several major banks, including Barclays and Standard Chartered, have joined a pilot using blockchain technology to improve the sustainability of global supply chains.

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TradeXplain New Aug 2019Xplaining Sustainability in Trade Finance: Making a genuine difference

TradeXplain | 23 August 2019

With a 25-plus-year career in trade finance, former banker and now founder and CEO of fintech startup Halotrade, Shona Tatchell believes that no trade should be done in a way that isn’t sustainable.

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Finextra News Dec 2017

Banks and fintech startups join forces on blockchain-based supply chain pilot

Finextra | 13 December 2017

A group of banks and fintech startups are backing a pilot with Malawian tea farmers that will use blockchain technology to try to create more sustainable supply chains.


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Banks to pilot new concept for blockchain-based supply chain finance

Global Trade Review | 17 December 2017

Three international banks, three large corporates and four fintech startups have today announced a pioneering project that will explore how blockchain technology can be used to track physical supply chains while unlocking access to financing for sustainable sourcing.

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American Banker - New Item

Banks, fintechs and a Brit royal to build green-lending blockchain

American Banker | 11 December 2017

Could fintech help the planet cope with climate change?

Some major players — Prince Charles; bankers from Barclays, Standard Chartered, and BNP Paribas; three fintechs; and professors from the University of Cambridge — all hope the answer is yes.